Call for Bids to Host ACSOS

The steering committee of the International Conference on Autonomic and Self-Organising Systems (ACSOS) solicits bids to host future editions of the conference. The website of the current edition of the conference can be found at Currently, bids for hosting the 2022 and 2023 conferences are solicited.

Bids are eligible if they are made by individuals or small groups from the research community. On request, the main organisers must be able to supply evidence of support from their employer (e.g., a university), in particular, if that employer will also act as the hosting institution. Bids from meeting professionals will not be considered.

Please direct all correspondence regarding the bids to the ACSOS Steering Committee, reachable at We encourage all potential organisers to contact the committee ahead of time and let us know about your intentions and allow us to discuss all important issues well in advance.

ACSOS looks back at a decade-long history of the constituent conferences SASO and ICAC. Starting in 2014, the two conferences joined forces and created FAS as a joint event of the two communities with the goal of leveraging topical synergies. Joint workshops, tutorials, plenary sessions, and a doctoral symposium, as well as a common social programme have strengthened these synergies in recent years and have created a lively and engaging event. Past editions of FAS have been held in Augsburg (Germany), Trento (Italy), and UmeƄ (Sweden) and have drawn between 120 and 140 attendees. In 2020, SASO and ICAC have merged to form ACSOS, the prime event on Autonomic and Self-Organising Systems. The first edition was hold virtually on August, 17-21, 2020 (originally planned to take place in Washington DC).

ACSOS encompasses a 5-day programme and usually takes place in late September/early October. Monday and Friday are reserved for workshops and tutorials. At least 4 parallel sessions need to be accommodated on these days. No plenary sessions are typically held on these days. Tuesday to Thursday are the main conference days. There are at most two sessions in parallel along with one or more plenary sessions per day that include attendees from both conferences. A poster and demo session is also held on one of these with typically around 15 posters and 8 demo stands. Additional facilities might be required as exhibition spaces for sponsors.

With regard to social events, it is traditional to have a Welcome Reception on Monday and a banquet on Wednesday. The organisers of past events have always succeeded in giving these events a local flair.

We encourage proposals to be brief but include at least the following information:

Please state all budget items consistently in either US Dollars or Euros.

The ACSOS Steering Committee will jointly evaluate the bids with a particular focus on the following criteria: